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Mobile App Development UK
August 23, 2018

Mobile apps are the growing global trend for access to information, shopping, education, entertainment and even work. IndoUs we keep abreast of this trend and focus on creating high quality, robust and simple apps, maintaining high performance. We will accompany you from the conception and design of the idea to the development, deployment and continuous improvement of your apps.

According to reports and surveys, there will be approximately 6.1 billion mobile users by 2020. It is estimated that currently, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. Surveys and trends are consistently proving that user engagement on smartphones is exceeding all other conventional mediums.

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Internet of Things (IOT)
August 16, 2018

The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects – vehicles, machines, home appliances, and more – that use sensors and APIs to connect and exchange data over the Internet. The IoT depends on a whole host of technologies – such as application programming interfaces (APIs) that connect devices to the Internet.

If you have been following the tech news even a little bit over the last few years, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things. The IoT, we’re told, is supposed to revolutionize the way we interact with technology and will fundamentally change the way we live our lives. In brief, the “things” in Internet of Things are the everyday objects in your house, only hooked up to the internet. It’s really that simple. So think a thermostat that can be controlled from an app on your smartphone (handy on those cold winter mornings) or a coffee maker that switches itself on when it can tell you’ve gotten out of bed.

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Small Business Cloud Storage
August 12, 2018

Business cloud storage is designed for businesses, to make them run more effectively. While many of the providers started off as personal off-site storage and backup services that evolved to include the corporate customer , some, like Box, were built with enterprise clients in mind.

The difference between business cloud storage and personal cloud storage is quite often the features as well as how many users have access to the overall account. With a personal plan, only the user who signed up for the account is supposed to have access to store files and documents. They may be able to share these files but no one else is supposed to be storing files to their account.

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